How I became an EXO-L

How I knew EXO

It was around January of 2015 and was in Grade 4 then. I was in a Campus Journalism contest with mostly 6th Graders. As I can remember, Ate Cass and Ate Hannah were fans over a kpop group called “EXO”. I didn’t really know much about K-pop then. So yeah, when I got home after the contest, I browsed the internet and looked up the so called group. Being some kid who’s not really a fan of reading information I was, I just clicked the “image” button and just looked up images instead. I downloaded a bunch of pictures and sent them to Ate Cass. I logged into my Facebook account then searched the group again. I joined a couple of FB groups about EXO with their fandom name: EXO-L. My news feed always gets filled with EXO pictures and Games the fans make. I still remember the “vote for your bias” “~~ is out”. Time Passed and I had new interests so the EXO thing kind of faded in my life.

But not until this February 2017…

I met some friends who were fans of a different kpop group. I remembered EXO and I kind of missed them. I looked them up on social media and followed their accounts. I also started listening to their music and like wow! they are great.

I added some EXO spazzers and followed some pages which are EXO-related and as I continue knowing them more, I fell in love with their talents and personalities and officially became an EXO-L. I started making EXO drawings, I downloaded their photos and videos, and supported them.

We also celebrated #5YearsWithEXO last 8th of April.

It’s sad though that I wasn’t able to witness OT12 but I am hoping that someday, they will be complete again. I’m Loyal to EXO and I’ll promise to support them until the end.

EXO We Are One!~~~


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