EXO OT9 Bias List

here is a list or ranking? of my Bias in EXO. I love them all though~~~

1. Oh Sehun

The evil maknae. Sehun is oozing with pure handsomeness. I really love his rapping and his talent in dancing. My Sese is really cute too and he loves Vivi.

2. Byun Baekhyun

Damn BBH! Always wrecking my bias list. The thing about Baekhyun is that I really really really love his voice and like oh my gosh he is so pretty. honestly! His personality is really cute and funny too. And he’s inlove with Chanyeol-ah hihihi

3. Park Chanyeol

EXO’s lead rapper is vv cute and baby-faced. His rapping is soo great. He’s married to and inlove with Baehyun-ah.

4. Do Kyungsoo

The cutest penguin I know. Hahaha~ I really admire how great Dyo’s voice is and yeah it IS REALLY GREAT OHMYGOSH

5. Zhang Yixing / Lay

I love how innocent Yixing is because he can’t speak Korean well yet and how he can be Hot in photo shoots but be super cute when he takes selfies.

6. Kim Junmyeon / Suho

Suho is a vv great leader. He’s always there for his members and he always does his best for the group.

7. Kim Jongin / Kai

Kai is just so hot. I mean really, look at their music videos and see how Hot Kim Jongin is.

8. Kim Minseok / Xiumin

I love his voice and look how cute he is *heart eyes*

9. Kim Jongdae / Chen

His voice is reeeeaaallyyy amazing!


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