Happy Birthday Luhan!

It’s April 20th today and that means…. it’s LUHAN’S birthday!!! 🎉🎂

I just want to wish my Lulu a really happy Bday and for more years to come~

I also wish for him good health and a good career. Stay humble always. Always remember that EXO and EXO-Ls love youuu♡♡♡ Keep shining hello kitty🎀

stay cute oppa💕 take care of that handsome baby face of yours💜

Sehun loves ya~


Detective Files by Shinichilaaaabs

Do you like reading mytery stories? like Sherlock Holmes and Nancy drew? and like the Anime Series Detective Conan. If you do then you should try reading “DETECTIVE FILES” on WATTPAD. It’s a Mystery/Thriller/Romance story created by one of my favorite Wattpad auhors, Shinichilaaaabs a.k.a Tammii Gomez.

The story is really great. From the Plot, the Settings, and not to mention, the awesome deductions by my two favorite characters: Amber Sison/Alejo and Gray Ivan Silvan/Vander as they solve exciting cases and reveal the culprit behind the crimes. And the really cool plot twists as Amber tries to unravel the mastermind of the wicked organisation who killed her father. The Genesis. Currently, the biggest plot twist was when the Detective Triumvirate plus one, a detective group formed by one of the only friends Amber trusts created, suspects her to be drugged by the wicked Genesis and is the one who have been doing all the killings in their Campus without her knowledge.

Detective Files has 3 Books: Detective Files File 1, Detective Files File 2, and Detective Files File 3.

For a mystery lover like me, I really enjoy reading it especially dun sa parts na ine-explain nila how the crime was done.

It’s also a Romantic story in a way. There are a lot of DF Boys to Fall inlove with (akin lang si Khael). I’m pretty sure #GrayBer ang magwawagi. I want #KhaelBer tho. *sigh*. 

psst! pogi rin si Ryu omg

At the moment, I’m on Chapter 60 of DF File 3 since these are the latest updates.

I definitely reccommend you should read this story❤ One of my favorites talaga

#KhaelBer shipper for lyf

here are the links:

EXO OT9 Bias List

here is a list or ranking? of my Bias in EXO. I love them all though~~~

1. Oh Sehun

The evil maknae. Sehun is oozing with pure handsomeness. I really love his rapping and his talent in dancing. My Sese is really cute too and he loves Vivi.

2. Byun Baekhyun

Damn BBH! Always wrecking my bias list. The thing about Baekhyun is that I really really really love his voice and like oh my gosh he is so pretty. honestly! His personality is really cute and funny too. And he’s inlove with Chanyeol-ah hihihi

3. Park Chanyeol

EXO’s lead rapper is vv cute and baby-faced. His rapping is soo great. He’s married to and inlove with Baehyun-ah.

4. Do Kyungsoo

The cutest penguin I know. Hahaha~ I really admire how great Dyo’s voice is and yeah it IS REALLY GREAT OHMYGOSH

5. Zhang Yixing / Lay

I love how innocent Yixing is because he can’t speak Korean well yet and how he can be Hot in photo shoots but be super cute when he takes selfies.

6. Kim Junmyeon / Suho

Suho is a vv great leader. He’s always there for his members and he always does his best for the group.

7. Kim Jongin / Kai

Kai is just so hot. I mean really, look at their music videos and see how Hot Kim Jongin is.

8. Kim Minseok / Xiumin

I love his voice and look how cute he is *heart eyes*

9. Kim Jongdae / Chen

His voice is reeeeaaallyyy amazing!

How I became an EXO-L

How I knew EXO

It was around January of 2015 and was in Grade 4 then. I was in a Campus Journalism contest with mostly 6th Graders. As I can remember, Ate Cass and Ate Hannah were fans over a kpop group called “EXO”. I didn’t really know much about K-pop then. So yeah, when I got home after the contest, I browsed the internet and looked up the so called group. Being some kid who’s not really a fan of reading information I was, I just clicked the “image” button and just looked up images instead. I downloaded a bunch of pictures and sent them to Ate Cass. I logged into my Facebook account then searched the group again. I joined a couple of FB groups about EXO with their fandom name: EXO-L. My news feed always gets filled with EXO pictures and Games the fans make. I still remember the “vote for your bias” “~~ is out”. Time Passed and I had new interests so the EXO thing kind of faded in my life.

But not until this February 2017…

I met some friends who were fans of a different kpop group. I remembered EXO and I kind of missed them. I looked them up on social media and followed their accounts. I also started listening to their music and like wow! they are great.

I added some EXO spazzers and followed some pages which are EXO-related and as I continue knowing them more, I fell in love with their talents and personalities and officially became an EXO-L. I started making EXO drawings, I downloaded their photos and videos, and supported them.

We also celebrated #5YearsWithEXO last 8th of April.

It’s sad though that I wasn’t able to witness OT12 but I am hoping that someday, they will be complete again. I’m Loyal to EXO and I’ll promise to support them until the end.

EXO We Are One!~~~